Introduction to Burma

Another name of Burma is Myanmar. It is situated in the south east of Asia. It is very famous for its beautiful places in almost all over the world that attracts the tourists all around the whole globe. In the past, no body knew that Burma is so beautiful place but now due to the struggle of the government, it is very much famous in all over the world for its natural beauty and other beautiful places.

Mandalay or Yadanabon

The capital of the Burma is Mandalay that is also known as Yadanabon. Yadanabon or Mandalay is itself a very beautiful city that is full of natural beauty and other famous places. This is main city of the heritage of the Burma or Myanmar. The Burma or Myanmar is very much famous for its capital. It was the origination of the art of Bronze casting, wood carving and gold embroidery. Along with these, many other famous crafts of Burma were first introduced in this city.

Royal Palace

This is also very much famous for the existence of the royal palace that was constructed in 1859. It was constructed just near the beautiful hill of Mandalay. This was demonstrated during the world war second (1939-1945). But after that it was reconstructed to save this great heritage. Now thousands of people come from all over the world to see this beautiful and old Royal Palace. Many New Zealanders also visit the city of Burma for seeing this great beautiful Royal Palace. Government has also set a very good looking hotel and restaurant inside this royal palace for the comfort and easiness of those who come there to see this palace. Mostly foreign visitors like to stay in this hotel due to the amazing royal feeling and great beautiful sight of the Mandalay Hill.

Monastery of Shwe-nandaw

This is famous place where the main prince of the royal palace is buried. This is a very famous and historical palace in the city of Mandalay. It was specially made of the wood. The main reason of its popularity is that it is only memorable place related to the people of Royal Palace. People from all over the Burma and world come here to visit this last memorable residence of Royal Palace. Due to its great importance and amazing history, many New Zealanders really like to visit the Burma.

Famous Pagoda of Maha-muni

Another famous place that is also situated in the great capital of Burma is the great Pagoda of Maha-muni. It is one of the most holy pagodas in the whole city of Mandalay. It was constructed in the year of 1784 by King Bodawpaya. The people who love the Maha-mani Buddha very much come here to visit this sacred place. But due to its fame and popularity, like other foreign visitors many New Zealanders also come here to see this beautiful and sacred Pagoda of Maha-muni. A special ritual ceremony holds daily here in the early morning. In this ritual, people wash the face of the great Buddha. Many foreigners and local people take participate in this ritual ceremony.